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How Does Taggable Make Money?

We take a small percentage of each sale. The balance gets deposited directly into your bank account.

It's a Partnership

When you join Taggable, we view you as our Partner. Our interests are aligned with yours. We only make money if you are selling photos. So our team of experienced industry professionals will continually work with you to help curate the best photo opportunities and processes to maximize sales and profitability. We work hand-in-hand with you to evaluate the data, adjust photo ops, and retool packages and pricing until we find the optimal sell-through-rate and cost structure for YOUR business. We are in this together!

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When you join our team, we consult with you on your photo process, we set up your account and we help you transition to the digital delivery world.

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We're here to answer any of your questions.

1What does it cost?
When you work with Taggable, there is no initial or recurring-fixed cost. Instead, we use a transaction-based model. This means that for every photo purchase your guests make on the Taggable platform, we collect a small fee. Put simply, we don't make money unless you make money. You can feel confident that your guests' experience is our number one priority as well.
2Are there any initial costs?
There are no initial costs to work with Taggable. Our platform is web-based and utilizes the cloud. We leverage your existing photo setup and can have you ready to sell photos in less than an hour, with no monetary investment on your part.
3Are there monthly fees?
Nope. Rather than charge a subscription fee or monthly fee to use the platform, Taggable charges a small amount for each transaction. When you partner with Taggable, you don't pay anything upfront. Instead, we receive a small percentage of each photo sale automatically.
4What about storage fees?
You'll never be charged a storage fee to work with Taggable. All photos are backed up on a local drive of your choice and you'll never be charged for storage.
5Are there contracts?
No, because we are transaction-based, you’ll never have to sign a contract with Taggable. Instead of a long-term contract, we simply receive a small percentage of each photo sale that you make on the Taggable platform.
6Does Taggable absorb transaction & credit card fees?
Yes! Taggable absorbs all credit card and processing fees. The Taggable platform uses our payment processor, not yours. It's just another way we remove the headaches and make the photo process as painless as possible!
7 Is Taggable an app our guests have to download to use?
We don't use an app. Taggable is web-based, so all your guests have to do is scan a QR code or click a link on your website. From that simple action, they are instantly taken to the platform to view and purchase their photos, no matter what kind of phone or device they're using. No apps, no app store, no downloads. It works in any mobile browser.
8Can Taggable Deliver Video?
Yes, contact us to learn more about video delivery options through the Taggable platform.
9Can our guests still get printed photos?
Taggable makes it easy for your guests to purchase high-quality digital images directly on their own devices. Once they purchase these images, they're free to have them printed in any size they like with one of our online photo printing partners or at their local shop of choice. This saves you the hassle and costs associated with printing photos on site. No more paper. No more printers. No more ink. Can you imagine?
10What about referral costs? Do I have to pay more if my guests share photos or videos?
Not at all. The Taggable platform includes unlimited referral marketing opportunities for you with every photo or video purchased. Taggable helps your guests easily share their experience on their social channels and has generated millions of referrals for our Partner companies as a result. As your Partner, it is Taggable's mission to help grow your business and to show it off to the world.
11Can we give photos away for a discount?
Yes. The Taggable platform includes the ability to create customized coupon codes or discounts that your guests can use at check out.
12What if we give photos away for free?
Taggable works with operators who offer complimentary photos to their guests. Get in touch with a Taggable specialist today to customize a plan that makes sense for your business.
13Am I charged if my guests’ photo/video albums go viral?
That's the dream, right? Every operator hopes that a guest photo will go viral and help to generate new business. If that happens, your charges will never increase. Taggable's only fee is at the point-of-sale for the photo--what happens to it after that is just good news for your business! No matter how many clicks or referrals your guests' photos generate, there's no additional fee. As your dedicated Partner, Taggable works with you to turn all of your guests into social media influencers, generating millions of referrals with no surprise fees or costs.
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